Ash & MIll exfoliating cold-processed soaps using upcycled coffee grounds, ground apricot kernel and rooibos for exfoliation.

Exfoliating Cold-processed Soaps


    The Ash & Mill range of exfoliating bar soaps have been designed to mitigate the need for using plastic loofahs. Incorporating the exfoliants directly into the bar creates a soap bar that can be rubbed directly on the skin, providing a comfortable level of abrasion. 

    The Ash & Mill range of exfoliating cold-processed soap bars utilize ground rooibos, upcycled coffee grounds, poppy seeds, ground apricot kernels and sandalwood powder to offer varying degrees of exfoliation, depending on how rough you like it. 

    Remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs for soft, smooth skin. 

    The natural exfoliant particles are all biodegradable and won't contaminate water systems.