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Various Castile Liquid Hand and Body Soaps

What is wrong with these liquid soaps? After reading a few books on intermittent fasting and low-carb diets, they have become a bit of a drip to have around. Try having a chocolate croissant with your morning coffee with these guys around. You will soon hear "you should wait until after 12 to eat that" or, "well at least there is lots of butter in that".

What is actually wrong with these liquid soaps? We tried a slightly different formulation in making this soap and it gelled up a bit when we added the essential oils. They still work great, and smell great, but you may need to add a little hot water after using them for a while to dilute the soap, it is really thick. 

formulated by Dr Watson

Naturally nourishing

Ash & Mill products are created to provide an indulgent skincare experience that maximizes the use of natural ingredients. Locally made in Cape Town, South Africa.

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