STUDIO SALE: 6-pack of Lemongrass & Peppermint Cold-processed soap

STUDIO SALE: 6-pack of Lemongrass & Peppermint Cold-processed soap

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Factory second Lemongrass & Peppermint cold-processed soap with upcycled coffee grounds. 6-Pack (not that kind of 6-pack, this soap will keep you clean, and maybe help you wash off after doing your daily 1000 sit-ups to pursuit of a real 6-pack).

What is wrong with this soap? Well, I arrived at work one day and it looked at me funny. I knew what it was thinking, that my outfit looked strange, maybe that I had eaten too many rusks and was looking a little more "loveable". That was that. It got placed in the naughty corner away from all of the good soaps, and now, as further punishment, to really make it feel more worthless, I have dropped its retail price. Please don't tell it that it is still perfectly good, valuable soap. 

 What is actually wrong with it? The stamp of the AM logo is ugly and not up to snuff. That's it, apart from that this is block of future-bubbles is just as good as the rest. 

formulated by Dr Watson

Naturally nourishing

Ash & Mill products are created to provide an indulgent skincare experience that maximizes the use of natural ingredients. Locally made in Cape Town, South Africa.

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