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A selection of three of our finest naturally fragranced exfoliating cold-processed soaps featuring either ground apricot kernel or rooibos powder as exfoliants. The use of exfoliating particles provides gentle abrasion when in use and reduces the need for a loafer, cloth or sponge. Rose geranium and lavender feature prominently in this collection, and have been paired with each other, or with the citrus essential oils, bergamot or petitgrain. 

The three cold-processed soaps in the exfoliating collection:

Rose geranium and petitgrain with red French clay and ground apricot kernel – pale pink with speckles of ground apricot kernel. 

Rose geranium and lavender with green French clay and ground apricot kernel – pale green with speckles of ground apricot kernel. 

Bergamot and lavender with rooibos – pale cream with speckles of rooibos powder. 


Our luxurious cold-processed soaps have been formulated using a carefully selected blend of plant oils to balance the foaming, cleansing and conditioning properties of the soap. Each oil used in our soaps has a characteristic fatty acid profile. Understanding of the properties that each fatty acid imparts to soap, has allowed us to artfully formulate a blend of oils to optimise the properties of our soap, resulting in the creation of a hard, long-lasting natural soap bar that produces a rich, bubbly lather, that cleans without drying one’s skin.


Ash & Mill cold-processed soaps are naturally fragranced and are scented with essential oils. No artificial fragrances are used.


Our soaps are also rich in glycerine, a natural humectant, which contributes to the moisturizing properties of our soaps.  By keeping the temperature low during the saponification process, the glycerin that is liberated as the fatty acid ester bonds of our triglyceride oils are cleaved is not lost, and remains in the soap bar. By contrast, when soap is made via  a hot-process, this moisturizing molecule separates out from the fatty acid salts (soap) and is not retained. 


The beautiful colours and appearance of our soaps are achieved using natural ingredients like clays, ground fynbos particles and activated charcoal. We have endeavored to avoid the use of synthetic dyes and pigments. 


Ash & Mill artisanal cold-processed soaps are handmade with pride by Brian and Nathan in Cape Town South Africa

formulated by Dr Watson

Naturally nourishing

Ash & Mill products are created to provide an indulgent skincare experience that maximizes the use of natural ingredients. Locally made in Cape Town, South Africa.

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